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Are Pharmaceutical retailers dead?

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      Amazon has made a significant step in the pharmaceutical business but doesn’t seem to be positive yet. It seems to be killing off the leading drug stores currently controlling the market. Amazon hasn’t even made any significant changes as of now and CVS shares are down 6% and Walgreens down 10%. Amazon is displaying that it’s a retail superpower through these big motions and significant changes. In the end, are these changes enough to deflate the top drug store retailers?

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      Service with a smile still matters according to studies done by J.D. Power. In the U.S. consumers are more than satisfied with brick-and-mortar pharmacies, about 80% to be exact. As of now this automation in the pharmaceutical industry is not enough to deflate the top drug store retailers. This could change in the near future as technology becomes more widely accepted across all industries but for now, customers are content with brick-and-mortar pharmaceutical retailers.

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