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      What are some differences between working at a large chain pharmacy versus and independent pharmacy? I’ve heard independent ones have less paperwork and better hours… is this your experience? What perks might a chain pharmacy have over an independent one?

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      There are lots of difference between both. As per my experience, Independent pharmacy has more headache than chain pharmacy. Although independent pharmacy gives us a chance to prove himself in the digital pharmacy world. But It is much costlier than a chain pharmacy, For starting an independent pharmacy, we have to need a lot of money and full experience and qualified, well-organized staff.
      On the other hand, chain pharmacy has less headache, because of, all the franchises work with the help of each other. The chain pharmacies divided into two categories, one is staff and second is management. Both works in their fields.
      Yes, you can say that, but an independent pharmacy has also need to paperwork for maintaining their business system. They too complete their total work hours like an independent pharmacy.
      Yes, For a successful business it is very important to believe in each other. If you do not believe in your employee or business partners you can’t get the success in any pharmacy business.

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      Roy Yerkes

      I hired a team from LocumCo then I start my independent work in Covid through which we got success! I recommended Independent Pharmacy to Chain Pharmacy.

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      les pharmacies indépendantes ont moins de paperases et surtout beaucoup de travail, ces services sont beaucoup moins solliciter par les patients.

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